10 Winter Holidays Around the World – Xmas Vacations

Winter Holidays

People love wintertime for many reasons. One reason is the wide range of celebrations during this time of the year. With 10 winter festivals and holidays around the world, there is something for everyone: 1) Hanukkah The Festival of Lights is observed for 8 days. The exact dates are based …

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Christmas in Norway – Their Traditions are Worth Noting

Christmas in Norway is truly a festive affair. Like other parts of the world, it usually begins on Christmas Eve with an exchange of presents. Of course, the gifts will usually be brought by Santa Claus (which the Norwegians call “Julenissen”). Besides Santa, the presents will also come from little …

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Christmas in Russia – Its a Totally Different Experience

Christmas was not recognized as much back in the days of the Soviet Union. Instead, the New Year’s celebration was deemed to be essential. After the revolution in 1917, the religious holiday of Christmas was forbidden, and Christmas trees were prohibited up to the year of 1935 when New Year’s …

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Christmas in Macedonia – You Want to Be There on Xmas Day

Christmas in Macedonia is truly a festive occasion, but it isn’t done the same as many other parts of the world because this country is heavily influenced by the Orthodox Church. Most of the Christians in Macedonia belong to this church, and that means they will celebrate Christmas on January …

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Christmas in Belgium – Unique Ways to Celebrate It

There is no question that Christmas in Belgium is definitely a festive occasion. The actual Christmas gift-giving is usually celebrated on December 5th and 6th because Belgian customs are similar to the Dutch. A Visit From Sinterklaas They too believe that “Sinterklaas/St. Niklaas” will visit them on these dates, and …

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Christmas in Zambia – They are Full of Devotion

christmas in zambia

In the center of southern Africa lies the country of Zambia. While it is considered to be one of the world’s poorest countries, the people here are rich in enthusiasm, religion, and family bonds. How History Affects Zambia’s Christmas Because Zambia was once ruled by the United Kingdom (which ended …

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Christmas in Lebanon – The Maronite Catholics Country

Christmas in Lebanon

Unlike the majority of countries in the Middle East, Christmas in Lebanon is an official holiday. Both Christian and Muslim Lebanese celebrate this day with vigor, which is accomplished through decorations, Christmas feasts, nativity cribs, dance and bonfires as a sign of renewal of friendship. Christmas Embellishments You’re bound to …

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Christmas in China – Xmas is Getting Popular

Although Christmas isn’t an official holiday in China, Chinese people perceive it as a day of entertainment and celebrate it with vigor. This often occurs in major cities where people are influenced by the western culture. As such, they celebrate this day with all the trappings of western Christmas but …

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Christmas in Australia – Xmas is the Biggest Festival

In Australia, Christmas coincides with summer, thus allowing Australians to spend most of the holiday relaxing on the beaches or camping with their family and friends. Although most of the festive activities in this country are inspired by the European culture, the Australians do have a few Christmas traditions of …

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