Christmas in Argentina – How do They Celebrate it in Argentina

Christmas in Argentina

While there are no picturesque, snow-covered chimneys in Argentina during the Christmas season as it is in America, the festive cheer is not any less. It comes with a summer charm and boasts the magical combination of the European and Argentinian culture. The country is predominantly catholic, and hence Christmas …

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Christmas in Madagascar – The Country with Special Xmas Food Items

Christmas in Madagascar

Christmas in Madagascar is celebrated on December 25th, just as it is in most countries. However, an African December will never provide a White Christmas, as the average temperature there is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite this, they still use traditional wintertime décor during this time, such as pine trees, …

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Christmas in the United Kingdom – Santa, Xmas Food, Turkey and Prayers

Christmas in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a rich tradition of celebrating Christmas. This nation consists of four independent countries which include England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each nation has its own unique traditions. However, they do share the same customs as well. Let’s discover the wonders of Christmas and how this …

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Christmas in Puerto Rico – Get Inspired from Their Devotion

Christmas in Puerto Rico

The month of December, particularly around the Christmas season is one of the most anticipated times of the year in the entire world. Many celebrations, events, and festivals take place during this time. Christmas time is crucial to the Puertos. They commemorate the birth of their savior Jesus Christ. Down …

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Christmas in Poland – Know About Their Gifts and Surprises

Christmas in Poland

The commercialization of Christmas has spread to many parts of the world. But in Poland, a predominantly Catholic country, in which Poles take pride in their faith and folkways, Christmas remains spiritual, family-oriented, and joyful. The Christmas Season Advent Reflecting the traditional Christian calendar, the Christmas season officially begins on …

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Christmas in Pakistan – Celebrations are Its Peak

Christmas in Pakistan

Just like with most parts of the world, the 25th of December is a public holiday in Pakistan. On this day, most of the country’s residents commemorate Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, but about 5 million out of 162 million Pakistanis celebrate Christmas. Read on to get an …

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Christmas in India – How Xmas is Celebrated in the Country with Diversity

Christmas in India

Although Christmas is not a holiday usually associated with India, where the principal religions are Hinduism and Islam, the celebration of Christmas is very much a part of India’s diverse, multi-faith society. Christmas first came to India through British and other European colonialism and the accompanying missionaries, but Christmas observance …

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Christmas in Costa Rica – They Celebrate Xmas Day Quite Differently

Christmas in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is endowed with sandy beaches, palm trees, and warm weather, including during December. However, just because the country doesn’t get wrapped up in snow during the festive season doesn’t mean that it lacks the Christmas spirit. The residents of Costa Rica are primarily catholic, and they observe Christmas …

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Christmas in Armenia – All About Xmas That You Need Know

Christmas in Armenia

What Makes Christmas in Armenia Unique In Armenia, the Christmas season is kicked off with an enormous Christmas tree being set up in the Republic Square of Yerevan (which is the capital city of Armenia). Unlike most places in the world, the bulk of an Armenian Christmas takes place in …

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