Christmas in Israel – You Will be Amazed on Knowing These Facts

Christmas in Israel

Israel as the birthplace of Jesus, shares some meaningful experience, especially on Christmas day. Even though the country shares some ancient Christmas stories, the day isn’t widely celebrated as compared to other countries across the world. Unlike ancient times, current Israel contains only a few numbers of native Christians. According …

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Christmas in Ghana – Fun Facts That You Shouldn’t Miss

Christmas in Ghana

Unlike in other countries around the world, Christmas in Ghana is celebrated from December 20th until the first week of January. Although minor celebrations are done starting on the 20th, the real celebrating does not begin until Christmas Eve. Similar to in the US and other regions of the world, …

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Christmas in Switzerland (With Pictures)

Christmas in Switzerland

Every state has its way of celebrating Christmas and Switzerland is no exception. Although they borrow some customs from other countries close to them such as Germany and Australia, they also have their tradition that they follow during this festive season. Some of their outstanding customs are the use of …

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Christmas in Indonesia – They are Inspiring

Christmas in Indonesia

During Christmas in Indonesia, “Sinterklass” is commonly known as Santa Claus from the USA. The reason is that Indonesia was ruled by the Netherlands. The exchanging of Christmas gifts is one of the common elements Indonesians will see as well. The holiday trees in Indonesia are normally going to be …

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Christmas in Ukraine – The Trees are Full of Snow

Christmas in Ukraine

For Ukrainians, Christmas doesn’t start until after the new year arrives. Christmas Day is celebrated on January 7th in this region and some other parts of eastern Europe. The lavish meal we all refer to as ‘Christmas dinner’ doesn’t occur until January 6th, on what is Christmas Eve for Ukrainians. …

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Christmas in Sri Lanka – Xmas is a Public Holiday

Christmas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a deep appreciation for Christmas, despite a mere 7% of its population identifying as Christian. The Land of Serendipity is a Buddhist majority when it comes to the national religion. Yet, Christmas Day is a public holiday and it gets celebrated by almost everybody. It has much …

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Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago – Jesus is Worshipped

Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago

The people of Tobago and Trinidad take Christmas time as a social period. Many individuals host parties in various places either in their houses or within their neighborhood, as both the adults and children, socialize with relatives and friends while sharing multiple types of food and drinks. The period is …

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