Poinsettias at Christmas – Xmas Traditions

Poinsettias at Christmas

Poinsettias are seen all over during the Christmas season.  From people’s homes to churches, schools, and businesses. They are a staple decoration that’s easy to find and inexpensive.  They provide a beautiful, living decoration that blends into any decor style. Religious History Displaying poinsettias at Christmas first started in Mexico …

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Snow and Ice at Christmas – Xmas Traditions

Snow and Christmas

The Christmas holiday is a special time of the year. Christmas is special because it’s a time when people come together, when good cheer fills the air, when people give gifts to each other and when people honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is also special because of the …

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Christmas Presents – Xmas Traditions

Christmas Presents

Christmas presents are a big part of the Christmas holiday. Traditionally, they have been given as a part of the Christmas celebration. As a matter of fact, people expect Christmas presents more than anything else during the holiday season. We’ll now explain why giving and getting gifts is a big …

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Kwanzaa Festival Day – Xmas Traditions


The month of December, especially around Christmas time, is a time when many people are in celebration and festive moods. Families and friends usually re-unite to make merry and unwind. The Christians find this time very crucial because they get to celebrate the birth of their savior-Jesus Christ. On the …

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What is The Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas – Xmas Traditions

Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas

Kissing under the mistletoe is a favorite holiday tradition for many westerners. This particular tradition is associated with Christmas. Many people hang it up during the holiday season hoping that someone special will give them a romantic holiday kiss. Keep reading to discover the origins of mistletoe and why this …

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The History of Wassailing and Mumming – Xmas Traditions

Wassailing and mumming celebration

Everyone knows about carolers and Christmas pantos, but very few people remember the ancient act of Wassailing, except as a lyric in an old Christmas carol. The line “here we come a-wassailing” has been changed to “here we come a caroling” in most versions of the song. Most people don’t …

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Complete Traditional History of Christmas Pudding – Xmas Traditions

History of Christmas Pudding

Presently, what people think of Christmas pudding as, is not what it primarily was. With its origin in the 14th century, the meal consisted of a type of porridge known as; ‘frumenty.’ It contained an assorted mixture of beef, mutton, prunes, currants, wines, raisins, and spices. After its full preparation …

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Hanukkah and Christmas – Jewish Festival of Lights – Xmas Traditions

Hanukkah Festival of Lights

Just like every other religion, Judaism too has its own high holidays, rituals, and ceremonies. These are used to among other things commemorate certain hallmarks, bring the worshipers together, and play some symbolic values. One of these is Hanukkah. Also called “The Festival of Lights” or “The Feast of Dedication,” …

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Pantomimes in Christmas – Xmas Traditions

Pantomimes in Christmas

Also known as Panto, (the shortened form), Pantomime is a common Christmas tradition in Britain where people gather at theaters to watch a play. Yet, it has a very non-British background and didn’t have anything to do with Christmas! What is Pantomimes It is now considered primarily a form of …

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