The History of Christmas Trees – Xmas Traditions That You Must Know

History of Christmas Trees

When it comes to Christmas traditions, there’s a lot of focus on advertising, gift-giving and spending cash. In fact, it often seems like contemporary Christmases are more about hard work and planning than celebration. Yet, despite the many ways in which yuletide customs have changed, we continue to follow some …

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The 12 Days of Christmas – Complete History and Story

The 12 Days of Christmas

Most of the Western world is familiar with the festive song ‘12 Days of Christmas.’ It’s a fun ditty that describes twelve days of gift-giving in the countdown to Christmas Day. While its origins are unclear – some say it’s an old children’s rhyme, others believe it hides coded messages …

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Epiphany Story, the Feast of The Three Kings


What is Epiphany? Epiphany is a holiday where people celebrate the three kings that went and gave Jesus presents. It’s usually celebrated by Christians 12 days after Christmas or for Orthodox churches, it’s on January 19th. Epiphany is also another term for “revelation” and is when Jesus was baptized when …

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Traditions of Christmas Bells – Xmas Fun

Traditions of Christmas Bells

The ringing of bells in general and church bells, in particular, has been something of a Christmas tradition. In the UK the four largest bells are rung in the final hour before midnight on Christmas Eve, and all the bells are rung on the completion of mass at midnight. In …

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Boxing Day – (History of the Day after Christmas)

Boxing Day Christmas

In some countries, mostly those with a previous connection with the United Kingdom, on 26th December, a day after Christmas, Boxing day is marked. These counties include Canada, South-Africa, and New Zealand. In Germany, the day is known as “Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag” which simply translates to Boxing day. The origin of …

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Christmas Candles – (History of Candles at Christmas)

Christmas Candles

The lighting of candles indicates the light coming from heaven.  In many religions, there is the symbolic lighting of candles. The lighting of candles on Christmas symbolizes light from heaven, however, no one is sure how candle lighting is connected to Christmas. Christmas comes during the winter solstice and the …

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