Christmas Candles – (History of Candles at Christmas)

The lighting of candles indicates the light coming from heaven. 

In many religions, there is the symbolic lighting of candles.

The lighting of candles on Christmas symbolizes light from heaven, however, no one is sure how candle lighting is connected to Christmas.

Christmas comes during the winter solstice and the candles can be viewed as a reminder that the spring is soon approaching.

The candle’s light and heat are symbolic of the sun’s light and heat.

The middle ages hold the record of candles being used during Christmas.

During this period, a giant candle would be lit to symbolize Jesus who is referred by Christians as ‘The Light of the world’.

This is seen as the beginning of the customs of Advent wreath whereby a candle is lit each week to remind about the coming of Jesus.

The traditions of lighting candles on Christmas eve has its roots from the Jewish ‘feast of lights’, known as Hanukkah. This festival takes place during the winter.

During every night of the festival, a candle is lit in a special candelabra known as ‘Hanukkah’.

In recent times, candles are lit during the Kwanzaa celebrations also, these are celebrations by the African-Americans meant for honoring the African heritage.

During these celebrations, seven candles are lit and a special candleholder referred to as Kinara is used for holding the candles.

Candles at Christmas are popularly used during the Christmas carols services. These services are completely lit by the use of candles.

In the past, candles would be used for decorating Christmas trees, however, with the invention of electricity, electric lights have replaced the use of candles in the decoration.

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Christians in southern India, place clay lamps on their roofs to symbolize Christmas celebrations. Paper lanterns are used for decorating Christmas trees by Chinese Christians.

In Sweden, candles are not only used during Christmas but also lit on the St. Lucy’s day celebrations..

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Main Points About Christmas Candles

  1. Some people refer to Christmas as the season of light, but no one knows for sure how candles got linked to Christmas in the first place.
  2. Christians sometimes refer to Jesus as the light of the world and there are speculations that this may have been the link.
  3. It is recorded that in the middle ages, they would light a big candle to represent the star of Bethlehem.
  4. One of the most popular uses of candles at Christmas is during candlelight Christmas carol services.
  5. Although lightening candles at Christmas is gradually losing its touch, it is still a tradition of many families around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Christmas Candles


Christmas Candles


Do note here that every religion uses candles in religious places and during prayers. Christmas can never be complete without candles. Due to Advent, the colorful candles have got their meaning, otherwise, white-colored candles are used everywhere. How do you use candles during Christmas, do share your experiences in the comments section below.

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