Christmas Day in the Morning

Christmas is celebrated not only to remember the Advent of Jesus around 2000 years ago but also to reunite all our minds in order to welcome him to come to us now also. People of different customs and cultures celebrate Christmas day in a variety of ways, but all they have in common is to make Christmas a merry as possible.

Decoration of Christmas tree

Decoration of Christmas tree has been adopted since earlier times, by the contributions by Sebastian Brant(1494), Strasbourg (1605)  and  Silesian Duchess. Most of the people start their Christmas tree decoration by the Christmas eve. They use a variety of articles like apples, lights, stockings, wreaths, swags, tree skirts, candles, garlands, hanging icicles, figurines, bells, stars and much more.

Christmas trees are made from pine or fir trees. They can be either fresh cut or artificial also placed wither indoors or outdoors. They are saying that this tradition of giving importance to the Christmas tree came from Pagans culture of worshipping the trees.

People use all their creative skills and interest in decorating the tree. In some places, there will be Christmas day competitions on the decoration of Christmas trees among the neighborhood.

Decorating Christmas and placing gifts for their loving ones below it has been a tradition for a very long time, which is making all the family members coming together.

Christmas Celebration

People Celebrate Christmas to have a retreat and renewal of their family relations and also the relation with God, who sent his only son to save us.

There can be lots of ways in which we can prosperity among our family members, but some people who are thinking out of this loop also find that bringing happiness to the family members can also be done by helping those who don’t have a family to bring them happiness.

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The most common ways in which the people celebrate their Christmas is by exchanging not only wishes or gifts with their beloved ones but also exchanging the JESUS who came into their hearts that day through a variety of practices like Prayer meetings, Christmas songs, Christmas parties.

Exchanging gifts, cards and wishes were once a hard step, but now due to the advent of newer advanced technologies, exchanging them was never easier and they need not more than a tap on our so-called communication devices.


All the celebrations are part and parcel of welcoming not only Jesus but also a newer self who arrives on doing Nobel things at the occasion of Christmas. As year passes , each year Christmas comes on the same date but the person who celebrates it evolves and changes into a greater person year after year. So, Christmas celebration is not only for Christians but for all those who want to renew their relationships not only with others but also with his own soul.

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