Christmas in the Falkland Islands (A Lot Inspired from Britain)

Perhaps one of the most unique islands in the Southern Hemisphere would have to be the Falkland Islands. Although they are located just off the tip of South America, they are a British territory – albeit one over 8,000 miles away!

A Unique British Influence

Stepping upon the soil of the Falkland Islands is not anything like visiting Chile, Argentina, or any other South American country.

This is because the Falkland Islands is one of the rare places in South America where there will be a strong British influence.

Indeed, sheep and penguins also vastly outnumber humans.

The United Kingdom and the Falkland Islands are very similar in their approach to celebrating the birth of Christ. These are some of the main highlights:

Christmas Trees

In the United Kingdom, Christmas trees were popularized by Prince Albert. Many households decorate their living room with a Christmas tree.

This is also true in the Falkland Islands, but the climate is different there.

Because it is a windy, subtropical climate, many Falklanders will go ahead and get the Christmas tree but they will also opt for a fake one.

Christmas Dinner

Both the Falkland Islands and the United Kingdom will have a Christmas dinner. However, the main entree will be different.

In the United Kingdom, Christmas dinner will usually consist of turkey.

A Falklander’s Christmas dinner will usually consist of lamb, since they are so plentiful on the island and because turkey is a difficult food item to acquire on this remote island.

Falklander's Christmas Dinner

Unique Falkland Island Christmas Traditions

A number of the unique Christmas traditions associated with the Falkland Islands is due to their unique location.

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This is especially true when some of the children of the Falkland Islands end up studying at boarding schools in the U.K.

Here are some ways that Christmas in the islands will be unique:

A unique dramatic presentation

Each year, the Falklanders will put on a unique play where they reenact the birth of Christ, the visit from the Three Wise Men, and the flight to avoid the evil Herod.

The Falklanders will put a unique twist on this by mocking their local British governor!

Worship at the Christ Church Cathedral

Many families will also worship in front of the Christ Church Cathedral, which is the furthest south of any of the Anglican churches throughout the world.

This church is well-known for its “whalebone arch”, which is comprised of the jawbones of two large blue whales.

Christ Church Cathedral Falkland Islands
Christ Church Cathedral Falkland Islands“

Boxing Day

Finally, like many other cultures, Falklanders enjoy celebrating “Boxing Day“, where they usually have a horse race in Stanley and then a mile-long foot race for everyone to participate in.

The sense of comraderies that the Falklanders share is almost as unique experience as Christmas itself.

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There is no doubt about it; the Christmas holiday in the Falkland Islands is a unique experience!

Main Points About Christmas in the Falkland Islands

  1. Because of the windy nature of the Falkland Islands, there are a few Christmas trees on the Island. Other Christmas decorations are not as elaborate.
  2. The Falkland Islands have lots of Sheep, hence, the main Christmas dish is lamb. Importing turkey can be quite expensive.
  3. Every year, the local drama society puts up a pantomime. On Christmas eve, people to sing Christmas carols.
  4. In Falklands, Christmas presents are ordered in October to ensure that they get to the Island in time for Christmas.
  5. On Boxing day, very important horse races are held on the racecourse. It is a very competitive race for the Governor’s cup.
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You’ll find this British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles from the south end of South America, so quite far away from Britain, but the population of only 3000 people still share many Christmas traditions with the UK.

Christmas trees do come up in the houses despite the fact that there are very few trees on the islands, and lamb is the traditional dish as there are lots of sheep here.

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