Christmas in Hong Kong – Their Xmas Trees Look So Amazing

Believe it or not, Christmas in Hong Kong is celebrated similarly to how Western countries celebrate it.

Maybe that’s not too surprising considering Christmas is a Christian based holiday and Christianity is a more Western religion.

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Anyway, it’s still widely celebrated throughout Hong Kong in many different ways.

Christmas Symbols

Christmas trees are a major part of Christmas in Hong Kong. Shops set up to solely sell Christmas trees and other Christmas plants, including Poinsettias.

The trees are set up in homes and even outside for public display and decorated extravagantly. Poinsettias are also used for decoration and fit the Christmas theme well with their prominent red color

Santa Claus is also a well-known symbol/ figure that the city of Hong Kong incorporates into their Christmas celebration. He’s also known as Father Winter.

He’s usually referred to as either of these English names, however, he is sometimes referenced as Sing Daan Lou Yan (“Christmas Old Man” in Cantonese).

Celebrations for Xmas

There are many different celebrations held in Hong Kong for Christmas. From churches to schools to the general public, it seems like everyone partakes in some sort of celebration

Christmas Cuties

Musically, there are many different ways to celebrate. Many carolers go around and sing different Christmas carols.

Some orchestras and other musicians hold free concerts for the Christmas season. Music holds an important role for everyone this time of the year.

Many businesses hold special events and parties and dinners too to celebrate Christmas. These events can be huge and are always taken seriously.

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They go all out from the food to the decor to make sure the celebrations are ones to remember.

Whether it’s shopping for presents and trees or going to listen to festive music, you’ll find some of the best aspects of Christmas times ten in Hong Kong.

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Main Points About Christmas in Hong Kong

  1. In South Asia, the people of Hong Kong have one of the grandest Christmases.
  2. Although Christmas is not a typical traditional holiday for the people of Hong Kong. However, they have embraced it.
  3. Christmas preparations heat off from the beginning of November with Skyscrapers going up in beautiful light decorations.
  4. Christmas trees and other decorations are very popular in Hong Kong; decorations can be seen in homes, churches, banks, hotels, shopping malls and other public places.
  5. During the festive season, there is a huge winter party (Winterfest) in Hong Kong. It involves theme parks, Christmas markets, shops, and tourist attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Christmas in Hong Kong


Because of the many non-Chinese speaking inhabitants in China, services in both English and Chinese are held at different times of the day in Hong Kong and people send each other Christmas cards, bought in shops or made by hand.

Decorations are typically poinsettias, tinsel, Christmas lights, and nativity scenes and there’s even a whole street in Hong Kong selling only Christmas trees and other plants at the time before Christmas.

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