Navidad en Venezuela - Toda la sociedad celebra la Navidad

Venezuela’s Christmas celebration is one of the most exciting moments, not only in Latin America but also in the world. The people here value Arboles de navidad and make use of them during this particular moment.

You will find most homes with the synthetic forms of Christmas trees. It is because, in Venezuela, you cannot easily find the fir and pine trees commonly used in creating the Arboles de navidad.

Almacenamiento en la nube

escenas de Natividad also referred to as, ‘Nacimiento,’ are popular Christmas events as well, presented in a three-dimensional model.

They display at people’s homes or other open areas during Christmas. The models depict the scene of the Nacimiento de jesus Christ and his purity.

Xmas Celebrations in Venezuela

During the representation, the people use models, carvings, arts or live demonstrations of Christ born in a manger with the presence of his mother, earthly father, angels, shepherds, the three wise men, and a few domestic animals.

This portrayal aims at enhancing the true meaning of Christmas and the worship of Christ Jesus. Also, the Venezuelans at this time usually maximize on fireworks-related performances.

Customarily, the people will paint their houses about a month to Christmas, after which they are beautifully-decorated. Families also purchase new clothes for both Christmas and New Year Eve celebrations.

The Venezuelans believe that putting on yellow clothes on New Year Eve gives you luck for the incoming New Year.

Cuties de navidad

From 21st December, it is always the peak Christmas season in Venezuela. Notably, St. Nicholas (San Nicholas) and Baby Jesus (Nino Jesus) will purchase the regalos.

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The Christmas gift presentation session occurs typically at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Midnight Mass in Venezuela

Misas de Aguinaldo, the midnight mass is one popular event amongst the other church sessions conducted some days before Christmas.

Besides, roller-skating is one activity that the people of Venezuela’s capital-Caracas continue to uphold. During the last week to Christmas, they will skate to the daybreak church services.

It is a tradition such that by 8 a.m., roads are often traffic-jammed for people to skate safely and comfortably to their various churches.

During this moment, people enjoy traditional music carols mostly led by singers known as ‘Gaiteros.’ A particular carol-like music style known as ‘aguinaldos y parrandas,’ plays often.

Also, the Christmas folks in Venezuela are known as ‘Gaita music.’ This folklore that originated from the Zulia state plays on various musical instruments such as:

  1. Tambora – the Venezuelan drum
  2. Cuatro – a unique four-stringed guitar
  3. Charrasca – a form of ridged cylinder played by rubbing a stick downwards and upwards rhythmically
  4. Furro – the drum type containing a stick fixed up to the center of the drum skin

Food Festivities

Food festivities mark the climax of the season. Christmas is the period where Venezuelans come together and enjoy an assortment of their traditional meals.

The food varieties include:

  1. Pan de Jamon – a puffed-up, swiss-roll like bread pastry mixed with olives, raisins, ham, and bacon
  2. Hallacas – a combination of chicken, pork, beef, raisins, capers, and olives, covered with plantain leaves and maize. It is then string-tied after which they steam or boil
  3. Pork leg (Pernil) – mixed with chicken salad
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Besides, other celebrated events in Venezuela include:

  1. The day of Santa Barbara – 4th December
  2. The day of the Three Kings (referred to as Epifanía or ‘El Dia de Los Reyes Magos ‘- 6th January.

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Main Points About Christmas in Venezuela

  1. Christmas in Venezuela is a very colorful occasion; it is a harmonious balance of cultural gaiety and religious solemnity celebration.
  2. The religious part of the festivity takes a significant chunk. From 16th through to the 23rd of December, many Venezuelan Christians go to morning mass.
  3. Firecrackers are a big deal in Venezuela. Fireworks are very popular during the season; many mornings, firecrackers explode to wake worshippers.
  4. Christmas preparations begin on the 4th for most families in Venezuela. Families put up Christmas decorations together, popular among them is their pesebre (nativity scene).
  5. On Christmas eve, families attend the midnight catholic service, Misa de Gallo (Mass of the Roosters).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Christmas in Venezuela

  1. How do they celebrate Christmas in Venezuela?

    The people of Venezuela celebrate Christmas by decorating their houses and streets using lights and Christmas tree. The people also wear roller skates and then reach the church by skating on the roads in the morning.

  2. What do Venezuelans eat for Christmas?

    The people of Venezuela eat Hallacas, which is a fine mixture of beef, chicken, and pork. It also contains raisins and columns which are then wrapped in leaves and tied up for the purpose of steam in a boiler. They also eat puffed pastry.

  3. What is Santa called in Venezuela?

    Papá Noel is referred to as baby Jesus by the people of Venezuela.

  4. How do Venezuelans get to church on día de Navidad?

    The people who are living in Venezuela have a very different way of reaching the church during Christmas eve. All the people put on the roller skates and then reach the church by skating on the roads in the morning.

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Christmas in Venezuela is special in every way. There is a lot of excitement in the air. The dishes like Pan de Jamon, Hallacas and Pernil are their traditional food items for Christmas.

If you have been to Venezuela on Christmas or stay in Venezuela then do share your first-hand experience in the comments below.

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