Christmas in Taiwan – Xmas Means Lots of Lights

Christmas in Taiwan

Taiwan has a bigger Christmas celebration than Mainland China. Even though a good majority of the residents aren’t Christians, most of the local retail stores do sell Christmas decorations and such. It is not seen as a National Holiday in the land of Taiwan, but people do wear Santa hats …

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The Christmas Story – Birth of Jesus Christ for Kids

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story is not only an important religious tale for Christians, but it is also a part of the culture of the Western world and is retold time and again in schools across the globe. Children dress up as innkeepers, donkeys and Mary and Joseph themselves and bring the …

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Christmas in South Africa – How Do They Celebrate

Christmas in South Africa

Christmas in South Africa falls in the summer. It is a very warm period with a lot of fun activities. On Christmas eve, carols by candlelight services are very popular. There are dance performances, nativity plays, concerts, and parties. Traditional Christmas trees and other grand Christmas decorations are quite common …

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Christmas in Vietnam – Mostly Roman Catholic

Christmas in Vietnam

The Vietnamese regard Christmas Eve as more significant than the actual day of Christmas. Many people take Christmas as only a holiday for the Christians, and hence it is not a formal public holiday. In the biggest city of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, previously known as Saigon) individuals, especially the …

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The History of Christmas Trees – Xmas Traditions That You Must Know

History of Christmas Trees

When it comes to Christmas traditions, there’s a lot of focus on advertising, gift-giving and spending cash. In fact, it often seems like contemporary Christmases are more about hard work and planning than celebration. Yet, despite the many ways in which yuletide customs have changed, we continue to follow some …

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Epiphany Story, the Feast of The Three Kings


What is Epiphany? Epiphany is a holiday where people celebrate the three kings that went and gave Jesus presents. It’s usually celebrated by Christians 12 days after Christmas or for Orthodox churches, it’s on January 19th. Epiphany is also another term for “revelation” and is when Jesus was baptized when …

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Mince Pies – Christmas Recipe – Xmas Fun

mince pie recipe

Mince pies, also known as mincemeat tart, are made using mincemeat and buttery pie pastry and a crisp. The cakes have existed for many years, although in different forms than we have today. You can also make mincemeat at home by following our recipe. Below is how to prepare mince …

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Panettone Cake Dessert – Christmas Recipe – Xmas Fun

panettone recipe

The classic panettone delivers a heady mixture of candied citrus, rich butter, and aromatic vanilla. It’s considered a Christmas staple in native households, particularly across Milan where the sweet treat originates. This traditional Milanese recipe produces a panettone that’s soft, moist and bursting with flavor. (We promise you’ll go back …

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