The 12 Days of Christmas – Complete History and Story

The 12 Days of Christmas

Most of the Western world is familiar with the festive song ‘12 Days of Christmas.’ It’s a fun ditty that describes twelve days of gift-giving in the countdown to Christmas Day. While its origins are unclear – some say it’s an old children’s rhyme, others believe it hides coded messages …

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Pavlova – Christmas Baking Recipe

pavlova recipe

Pavlova is a dessert made from meringue and is named after the famous Anna Pavlova the Russian ballerina. It’s lightly crusted and is topped with whipped cream and assorted fruits. There are two versions of how to make Pavlova, the original or the American way. Here’s a quick and simple …

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Traditions of Christmas Bells – Xmas Fun

Traditions of Christmas Bells

The ringing of bells in general and church bells, in particular, has been something of a Christmas tradition. In the UK the four largest bells are rung in the final hour before midnight on Christmas Eve, and all the bells are rung on the completion of mass at midnight. In …

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Christmas in Venezuela – The Society as Whole Celebrates Xmas

Christmas in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Christmas celebration is one of the most exciting moments, not only in Latin America but also in the world. The people here value Christmas trees and make use of them during this particular moment. You will find most homes with the synthetic forms of Christmas trees. It is because, …

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Christmas Pudding – Xmas Pudding Recipe

Christmas Pudding UK

In the UK, Christmas pudding is a unique dessert that’s traditionally served over the festive period. Its origins date all the way back to the 14th century when Christmas pudding or ‘frumenty’ was eaten as a savory dish with beef and mutton. Today, it’s a sweet dish filled with dried …

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German Christmas Stollen Recipe – Xmas Fun

Stollen Recipe

A common traditional fruitcake that got its start in Germany, stollen has received different variations throughout the years. One common version includes marzipan (AKA almond paste), helping to add a touch of decadence to this cake-like bread dessert. Though often served during the holidays, stollen is a mouthwatering treat that …

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Shortbread for Xmas – Christmas Recipe

shortbread uk recipe

In baker’s terms, shortbread is as easy as one, two, three. A sweet treat that can be enjoyed anytime and goes great with your morning cup of coffee or favorite latte! This shortbread recipe serves 5 to 8 people. Ingredients: One cup (two sticks) salted butter, left at room temperature …

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Do Xmas and Christmas Mean The Same Thing?

Do Xmas and Christmas mean the same thing

Christmas is also commonly referred to as Xmas. Some people are against the idea of referring to Christmas as ‘Xmas’. According to them, referring to Christmas as Xmas takes the ‘Christ’ out of Christmas, and they believe that Christmas is derived from Christ-mass. Christ-mass is a church service celebrating the …

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