Norwegian Hole Cake – Norway Christmas Recipe

norwegian hole cake

Enjoy the recipe from Norway. This is a special type of cake with a hole in the center. Ingredients Metric 100g of treacle 65g of margarine or butter, melted 40g of fresh yeast Or 20g of dried yeast with 1 teaspoon of sugar 300ml of milk  1 teaspoon of salt …

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Plum Pottage from 1707 — Christmas Recipe

Plum Pottage

This recipe dates back to 1701. As this is quite an old recipe so the specific taste may come after a couple of tries! Ingredients: In order to make plum pommage (or plumb porridge) as it was made in the 1700s, you will need to acquire the following ingredients:     …

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Boxing Day – (History of the Day after Christmas)

Boxing Day Christmas

In some countries, mostly those with a previous connection with the United Kingdom, on 26th December, a day after Christmas, Boxing day is marked. These counties include Canada, South-Africa, and New Zealand. In Germany, the day is known as “Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag” which simply translates to Boxing day. The origin of …

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Christmas Candles – (History of Candles at Christmas)

Christmas Candles

The lighting of candles indicates the light coming from heaven.  In many religions, there is the symbolic lighting of candles. The lighting of candles on Christmas symbolizes light from heaven, however, no one is sure how candle lighting is connected to Christmas. Christmas comes during the winter solstice and the …

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Akoho Misy Sakamalao – Madagascar Special Christmas Recipe

Akoho Misy Sakamalao

A Madagascar Specialty For a little taste of heaven with an authentic Madagascar appeal, Akoho misy Sakamalao does just that. It is a chicken dish unlike any other which promises to tickle the taste buds. This Madagascar chicken recipe serves 5 to 6 people. Ingredients: One boneless skinless breast of …

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