Pantomimes in Christmas – Xmas Traditions

Also known as Panto, (the shortened form), Pantomime is a common Christmas tradition in Britain where people gather at theaters to watch a play.

Yet, it has a very non-British background and didn’t have anything to do with Christmas!

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What is Pantomimes

It is now considered primarily a form of children’s entertainment, performed in a theater, based on traditional children’s fairy tales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

But, pantomime actually started out as a type of adult entertainment dating back to ancient Roman times.

Also known as (Saturnalia), or the Midwinter Feast, where everything was meant to be backward. Women would dress up like men and men dressed up as women.

Similar to that of Pantomime Dames when young women dressed like boys and men dressed as girls in a comical Panto display.

History of Pantomimes

First introduced to Britain during the eighteenth century, pantomime is an old Italian tradition known as (commedia dell’arte).

Comedic plays were put on with various characters like court jesters and circus clowns.

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The plots tended to get mixed up with classic fairy tales, folktales, and eventually became the familiar pantomimes we know and love.

The traditional acting figures who performed in the commedia dell’arte gradually vanished and were replaced with those of today.

Thus, playing a big part in our traditional Christmas festivities, which often occurred just before Christmas!

History of Pantomimes

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, pantomimes changed quite a bit thanks to the Music-Hall Entertainments.

The stars from that era included famous comedians and music-hall artistes. Many shows would have unpredictable plots that switched back and forth.

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Yet, the story pretty much stays the same. In today’s world, pop icons and Hollywood movie stars continue the pantomime tradition.

Pantomimes in Present Times

Now pantomime has become a popular holiday tradition.

The audience is engrossed with the performers on stage, joining in with song vocals, helping in the magic shows, and cheering their favorite hero on!

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Main Points About Pantomimes

  1. A pantomime is a type of comedy (in musical form) staged for entertainment. It is frequently performed in the UK, Ireland and other English-speaking countries.
  2. In recent times, is primarily for children entertainment, based on children’s fairy stories like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White.
  3. Pantomimes were never originally associated with Christmas. It originated in England, dating back to the 16th century.
  4. Pantomime came from ‘Commedia dell’Arte’, an Italian tradition of improvised theatre. It features a lot of stock characters.
  5. Pantomime has become a very popular form of family entertainment. Since Christmas brings the family together, it is a common practice to see a pantomime in the theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Pantomimes

  1. What is the most popular pantomime?

    There is various pantomime which is famous all around the world. But the most famous pantomime out of the long list are Aladdin and Cinderella.

  2. Which often appears in pantomimes?

    One of the most famous characters which appear in the majority of the pantomime is Dick Whittington and His Cat.

  3. Why is it called a pantomime?

    The Greek and Latin languages have the origin of the word pantomime in them. The meaning of these words is all and a dancer who has acted all the roles or fits in the story.

  4. Who created pantomimes?

    John Rich, who was an actor as well as the manager of the Lincoln Inn theatre in the year 1714 was declared as the father of pantomime because he was the first person to realize the importance of the comedy characters.

  5. Does America have pantomimes?

    In the initial stages of the introduction, the pantomimes were not very common in the country of America. But with the gradual increase in the characters and with the advent of time, the pantomime has been able to establish themselves in America also.

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A British traditional Christmas play is pantomimes, or “Panto” and is usually based on traditional stories like Cinderella for example.

But it started as entertainment for grown-ups in Roman mid-winter celebrations and came to Britain in the 18th century as commedia dell’arte.

Italian improvised theatre and as the commedia dell’arte figures disappeared gradually, it became more and more as we know it today and an expected happening on Christmas festivities.

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