Plum Pottage from 1707 — Christmas Recipe

This recipe dates back to 1701.

As this is quite an old recipe so the specific taste may come after a couple of tries!


In order to make plum pommage (or plumb porridge) as it was made in the 1700s, you will need to acquire the following ingredients:

  1.     Beef stock (two quarts)
  2.     Beef flank or rump (four to six pounds or to taste)
  3.     Beef tongue (if extra meatiness is desired)
  4.     Bread crumbs (2 pounds)
  5.     Raisins (two pounds)
  6.     Currants (one pound)
  7.     Prunes (one pound)
  8.     Lemon (to taste)
  9.     Nutmeg (to taste)
  10.     Mace (to taste)
  11.     Cloves (to taste)
  12.     Red wine (one quart)
  13.     Cooking sherry (one pint)


Render and brown the beef on the stovetop after chopping into small bite-sized pieces.

Place the beef stock in a large pot and add the lemon, nutmeg, mace, and cloves into the stock in a muslin bag. Allow this mixture to come to a simmer.

When a rolling boil has been achieved, add the bread crumbs, raisins, currants, and prunes until a thick mixture is achieved, and then the beef can be added as well.

Once the meat is in, add the red wine. In roughly half an hour, ensuring the mix is still boiling, add the sherry. Keep in a cool place.

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There is nothing special about Christmas except for trying to adopt the age-old traditions. Plum pottage recipe as given below is definitely going to add some fun to your Christmas celebrations.

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I have done my job of sharing the recipe and now it’s your turn to cook it and share your experience in the comments below.

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