Snow and Ice at Christmas – Xmas Traditions

The Christmas holiday is a special time of the year.

Christmas is special because it’s a time when people come together, when good cheer fills the air, when people give gifts to each other and when people honor the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is also special because of the snow and ice.

Why we Dream of a White Christmas

Snow and ice at Christmas time are special because this holiday happens during the winter season.

Many people like snow because they see the holidays in this type of environment.

Since snow commonly falls in December within the northern climate, people generally want a White Christmas.

When Christmas first came about, the snow had covered the land.

Snow fell in the parts of the Earth were Christmas was first celebrated. Rome was located in modern-day Italy.

Catholics were the first people to celebrate Christmas because of the Roman Church. Snow fell during the designated Christmas Day on December 25.

As Rome introduce this holiday to the Europeans, they slowly took to the holiday.

The Christmas holiday gave the people something to look forward to during the dreary days of winter.

Remember, ancient people’s lives were not as busy or complex as ours. The snow and cold were miserable to them.

However, Christmas helped them find some meaning to their lives.

Even if they did not like Christmas or think about the birth of Christ, they still partook of the holiday celebrations.

As Christmas evolved people slowly developed its traditions. Snow and ice played a large part in those customs.

So, if people are dreaming of a White Christmas (which so many people do), then this simply means they want the snow and ice that accommodates the Christmas holiday.

Many people will usually get snow on this holiday and it will be happy that it has come. A White Christmas helps to make the holiday really special.

Santa Claus, the North Pole, and Snow

Santa Claus is the most recognized icon associated with the Christmas season. However, the Baby Jesus Christ is the number one icon for this holiday.

Jolly St. Nick is a special Christmas character that holds a lot of meaning for people.

One thing that people recognize about Santa is that he lives in the North Pole.

Santa Claus and North Pole

If you know anything about the real North Pole it isn’t a stable place that can support much life. However, it is very cold and icy.

People cannot settle this place but it is still recognized as the home of Santa Clause. Many Canadians believe that Santa’s the North Pole is located in the northern part of their country.

Santa’s workshop is in a refreshing place of cold and snow. It is permanently cold in this part of the world.

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The snow and tundra make it Christmas all year round for Santa and his elves.

People really enjoy this part of the Santa myth. When Santa makes his gifts there he is happy to be in this frozen place.

Jolly St. Nick loves Christmas snow because it helps to complete the season.

He also knows that snow helps the Christmas atmosphere to be something for people to remember.

The snow and ice just bring out some of the magical moments that people like about the season.

Jack Frost and Santa Claus

Jack Frost plays another important role during the Christmas holiday.

Jack Frost is a mythical being that is responsible for making ice, snow and the other elements associated with the wintertime.

Jack Frost has his origins with the Anglo-Saxan people. He is known for putting frost on windows and icicles on roofs.

Jack Frost is the maker of snow and ice. He also makes sleet, freezing rain and another wintry type of weather.

When Jack Frost appears, cold and snow are not far behind. He too is a character that people love during Christmas.

While he is not on the same level as Santa, people do recognize Jack Frost during the holidays.

Magical Snowmen and Winter

Frosty the Snowman and snowmen, in general, are created from the snow that falls during the Christmas season.

Many people like making snowmen when it’s cold and snowy. It’s a tradition that started and evolved within the colder regions of the world.

People have been performing this custom for hundreds of years.

Magical Snowman

Frosty the Snowman is a magical being.

He came to life with a magical hat and Christmas snow. While Frosty is not a real being, he is truly inspirational during Christmas time.

Since his first appearance in his special TV cartoon snow, kids have been trying to bring Frosty to life with real magic and snow during the Christmas season.

Snowball Fights During the Holiday Season

People love snow and ice at Christmas because of snowball fights. This custom had evolved for thousands of years from people living in snowy climates.

They often would engage in snowball fights as a way to entertain themselves and have fun. This type of behavior is displayed today by people engage in this activity.

Did you know that in some parts of the United States and in other parts of the world, people have annual snowball fights every year? Snowball fights are fun because people simply take small amounts of snow and throw them at each other.

However, some people don’t like snowball fights. They’re not for everyone.

Sledding Down a Snowy Hill

Christmas snow and ice are also appreciated for people that like to sled down hills and long slopes.

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This tradition evolved from the peoples who lived in the northern part fo the world. They normally use sleds and other crude forms of transportation to navigate across the snow and ice.

Many communities in different countries typically have their own special places for people to go sledding.

This custom is considered a lot of fun by people. Larger slopes and hills usually provide the best experience for sledding downhill. This is a great winter pastime that will be enjoyed all throughout the Christmas season.

Shoveling Snow and Snow Blowers

When the ice and snow pile up to a high level, people must go outside and shovel their snow. Many people are not thrilled about this chore.

So, they usually hire some young kid to do the work for them.

However, there are plenty of people who get a kick out of shoveling their sidewalks or using their snowblowers.

Shoveling snow is a pastime for most people in a neighborhood. They do it because they have to clear off their walkways and driveways.

This makes it easier for people to travel and get around.

Some people don’t shovel their snow because they know the weather will change and cause their snow to melt.

Shoveling Snow

People also like to pull out their snowblowers use them as well. A snowblower takes the back-breaking work out of shoveling.

People with large driveways and walkways really appreciate a snowblower. It just helps to keep the snow from piling up too much and they are easy on a person’s body.

Still, many people shovel snow during the holidays. They want to ensure that no one slips or falls when walking up to their door.

They also want to be able to get out of the driveway to work, school and to run errands. Shoveling snow is just custom that people do when it’s snowy and icy outside.

Blizzards During the Holidays

Everyone likes a big blizzard during the holidays. When snow falls heavy, people are forced to stay inside.

Many people might have to work but if there is a snow storm then they probably can’t go anywhere.

Most cities will usually issue a snow alert and a snow level rating. If that rating is at a certain level, people should not go out.

Blizzards During the Holidays

People might not like blizzards and piled up snow but they do like what they represent. A blizzard can make the Christmas holiday more meaningful.

It will give them more snow for their Christmas celebration and they will enjoy being shut inside with their family. There is something about heavy snow that brings people together.

Ice Storms and Winter Season

Ice storms can transform any landscape into a beautiful environment.

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While people don’t like ice storms because they make traveling extremely dangerous, they can make any city or town into a fantastic and exciting winter wonderland.

Ice that coats trees, houses, cars bridges, roads, and sidewalks can look very beautiful.

Again, most people don’t want the danger that comes with the beauty of the ice storm. However, they do enjoy looking at it.

If they can see it from a distance they would be happy about an ice storm.

Still, ice storms are unwanted occurrences by the masses.

There are so many more customs during the Christmas time that involve snow and ice.

People salt their driveways, steps, porches, and sidewalks so people don’t slip on the ice. They also make cool and frosty treats in the snow.

Did you know that some cultures even go swimming in subzero water during the holiday season?

Snow and ice at Christmas is just a natural part of the holiday that people enjoy. These elements help to make the Christmas season the best it could be.

There are plenty of places where people celebrate Christmas without snow and ice. Truthfully, nothing is like a traditional Christmas without these fantastic characteristics.

Main Points About Snow and Ice at Christmas

  1. There is no real known reason why snow, ice, and Christmas go together. The story of the birth of the baby Jesus makes no reference to snow or ice.
  2. Some people say the Victorians are the reason behind thinking snow and Christmas. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens gave a beautiful description of Christmas in Winter.
  3. The idea of a perfect Christmas has a picture of all the Christmas festivity amidst snowfall and ice.
  4. Even the story of the mythical Santa Claus is often set around snow time.
  5. Since Christmas is a winter holiday, many participants feel a white Christmas is the ultimate. To them, Christmas is complete with snow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Snow and Ice at Christmas


Who doesn’t wish for a white Christmas? But why are snow and ice so deeply associated with Christmas? Even if snow does fall in Israel, the Christmas story in the bible does not say anything about snow.

Again, the book ”A Christmas Carol” plays a role, just like with the mistletoe.

When Charles Dickens was a child, there was often snow around Christmas, in Britain. So naturally, he put lots of snow in this story.

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