When Christmas is Celebrated and Its Not 25th December Everywhere

A lot of people think Christmas is to be celebrated on December 25th and it ends there! But, many people worldwide celebrate this joyous holiday with their own special traditions.

Christmas is to be enjoyed for more than one day – and even at different times as well!

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The (12) Twelve Days of Christmas & Epiphany

Traditionally, when advent is over, the Christmas season began, lasting for twelve whole days. Thus, known as (The 12 Days of Christmas!) the holiday festivities lasted until January 5th in the evening, also known as (12th Night.)

Throughout the years, the Twelve Days of Christmas was a joyous time when people got together to feast and have fun.

After the 12th Night, on January 6th, came Epiphany. A time for remembrance of the (Wise Men,) which is also referred to as the (Three Kings) that paid a visit to Mistletoe ; and his Baptism into adulthood.

The 12th Night (Epiphany) is the traditional time when many take down their Christmas tree and store away the decorations until the next year.

Yet, there are some who leave them up until the arrival of Candlemas!

CANDLEMAS – The End of the Christmas Season

Christmas does not conclude after you put away your Christmas Decorations! Christmas officially ends on February 2nd, forty days after both Epiphany and Christmas.

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As the holiday ends Candlemas (Presentation of Jesus at the Temple) begins, which is commonly known as the (Feast of the Purification of the Virgin (or Mary.)

It is a time when many Christians in remembrance to the fateful moment when Joseph and Mary traveled with the baby Jesus to a Jewish Temple located in Jerusalem.

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Where they gave thanks to God for their Blessed son. Some Catholic and Orthodox churches revere this as a special day.

Candlemas acquired its name from (Candle Mass) due to the many Candlemas services. This occasion includes the blessing of candles to be used among churches or passed out to people to place in their houses for private prayer worship.

There are many Catholic churches of today which view this as a time of remembrance and renewed promises toward the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Christmas on 25th December


It’s important to note that the birth of Jesus Christ was not on 25th December. Some do believe it but it is not 100% true. However, Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus.

The Churches that follow Julian calendar, observe Christmas on 7th January.

There are quite a good number of countries around the world which are Orthodox and follow the Julian calendar.

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